Janet has been called the “List Building Queen”.

She has over 15 years experience online and is a premier online marketing coach.

She is the owner of Earth Friendly Biz, which has partnered with Second Income Coach, to create an incredible training system for the work at home entrepreneur.

Janet is also the author of The Contact List Builder which is being redesigned into a Video Training series and affiliate program.

Her passion is to teach people, so your learning curve is reduced.

She will show you how to use our simple system to market your business, product or service while building your list and developing multiple streams of income.

“We will help you realize your goals and dreams by showing you how to take control of your business and put together the marketing system you can understand and build on. None of this is rocket science and there are ways around all obstacles, if you are willing to take the time to investigate them and put them into action.”

To learn more about Janet Legere, visit her website at http://www.janetlegere.com

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